Jeepers 2015

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Yellowstone Winter 2014

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My Mythical Mug

I'm a professional fine art landscape photographer from Bainbridge Isl ...

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Pictures of the fam

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Steve Rhoades Challenge

Steve Rhoades Challenge Steve paddled 28mi. around Bainbridge Island ...

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Models Four

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Nick & Jacob

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Your Bio

I'm a professional fine art landscape photographer from Bainbridge Island Wa. For over twenty years, I have been pursuing my love of nature and the outdoors through photography.
My work is about capturing those defining moments of light found out in nature. I strive to to create images that engage and draw the veiwer in. All images are captured in the wild using one exposure.
In recent years, I have become drawn to candid street photography and embraced digital imaging.
Within the candid street genre, my goal is to record unique and unusual occurances during everyday life scenes.

I can be reached at dc.roake@msn.com
Web site http://www.dcroakephoto.com/People/Shots-of-Life/17923242_qVsdF4#1648838304_M73WKfg